About Elliot

/* Hello world */

I'm Elliot, Gameplay Programmer and Designer (and I’m pretty alright at it if I do say so myself haha).  My most recent releases include DESPOILER (a hovercraft arena racer) on steam, and the UIWS plugin for Unreal Engine 4 (interactive water with caustics!).

I Studied a Bachelor's Degree in Games and Interactive Entertainment and Graduated with Distinction in 2016.

Making games is my jam.  I love working with UE4 and C++ (and unity of course if the need arises).  I'm driven to create experiences that thrill through player interaction and exceedingly high production quality and I’m passionate about programming in service of design. Whether I’m enabling fun for a player, or a great development workflow for a designer I love crafting intuitive and beautiful systems.  Some examples of my work can be explored in the Projects section.

/* What I’m playing*/

Lately I’m (still) playing Breath of The Wild; one of the best single player experiences I’ve ever had. World navigation is a puzzle to be solved in and of itself which is why BoTW, in my opinion, is the benchmark for open world game design. It’s also just a joy to exist in this beautiful, wondrous world, and even after all this time I can still play for 15 minutes and discover something new; learn something surprising.

I’m also a huge fan of multiplayer games. Gears 4 has some of the tightest skill based competitive gameplay available in my opinion and I’ll probably be wall bouncing into, and gnashering kids on xbox live for the rest of my life.

I’ve also been playing quite a lot of DayZ lately. For all it’s issues with end game content and (now mostly fixed but still occasionally evident) jank, the emergent nature of the gameplay and the way permadeath affects your decision making still makes it the most gripping and human experience possible in an online game for me.

/* What I’m doing now*/

Alongside my work on UIWS and UIPF, I’m excited to share that I’ve taken a full time contract with one of my favourite UE4 based studios and I’m starting on some really exciting things with them in June! Can’t wait to share more on this!

Learning is the drug, gameplay is king.

email:  elliot@egray.io
ph:  +61 416 987 137